Dublin Weekend Adventure

Weekend of good food and good friends. 

My three best friends live in Dublin and I love to go and visit them. It’s a strange concept to be visiting your home town, a place you know so well like an old friend. Much like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, there are always slight changes. Every time I go to Dublin I realise slight changes, but it is always the same old friend I’ve known for years. I love all the new additions, most of the time a new coffee shop or restaurant. There always seems to be a new place to try or see. The reason I notice these type of additions to the city is probably because I’m insanely obsessed with food- it’s unhealthy. Actually no, no it’s not I love food and I think if you love something you should be obsessed with it.

I arrived in to my friend Kappa, at around seven o’clock and after a quick cup of tea we wondered off down to the shop for ingredients to make Ratatouille. I never really like to stick to recipes exactly, I feel as though they are more guidelines rather then instructions. When I cook a recipe I like to make it my own. If I’m cooking with my friends I love to get advice and tips from them. Going to the shop and seeing what produce is available and figuring what is in season is important, in season fruits and vegetables are just always better, it’s just a fact.

Got back to Kappa’s house and the crew was reassembled, the dangerous four- Isabela my beautiful Brazilian honey, Emma my thoughtful, and inspirational artist and Kappa who has the mind of a professor and the physique of a supermodel walking the catwalks of Milan. I’m mostly just always hungry- and that makes the four of us! 

At about half seven the tradition and ceremony of eating begins. The action of coming together and creating tasty food is the best kind of therapy. Since moving to Galway I don’t see them as often as I would like so these gatherings become increasingly special to me. I honestly feel like a child on Christmas Eve, the excitement level is just too high! All four of us enjoy food and love cooking; we prove the old saying “too many chefs spoil the broth” totally wrong. The different backgrounds and influences blend beautifully together. Not saying that there aren’t any debates, there are but fighting for a herb, a vegetable or style of cooking makes you realise how much you truly believe that this addition would improve the dish in some way. Reaffirming your own culinary knowledge. 

Something that always happens is that while we are cooking we get hungry so Kappa whipped up some crackers with cream cheese and prosciutto.


A Basic ratatouille:

Chopped veg of your choosing, we went with courgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant), carrots, peppers and (Spanish) tomatoes. 

Layer veg then add a basic tomato sauce: Fry olive oil, garlic, chopped tomatoes, tinned tomatoes and seasoning to taste. Controversially added a little red wine to the base of the ratatouille but it was not a mistake, it created a meat-like deepness that sometimes can be lacking in vegetarian meals. 

After you have layered the veg and topped it with the tomato sauce add fresh mozzarella on top to create an irresistible gooeyness. 

Saturday morning we set out to the National Art Gallery of Ireland for some free entertainment. We saw some beautiful art by some of the greats, Yeats, Ruben, Gonzales and Monet as well as many other famous European artists. Before we knew it, it was two o’clock, almost three hours since we last ate! Disaster!! We all were craving burritos so we quickly headed to Mama’s Revenge opposite Trinity College and it was delicious of course.

On Sunday we went to Brunch at Farmer Browns on Bath Ave. All I can say is that it was the epitome of treat yo self. Mimosas and chat is always a great combination, my good friend Mia met us there and it was lovely to meet up with her, it had been too long.

So let me deconstruct this masterpiece of a dish; brown bread with Avo-smash (Avocado, lime, mint and feta) on top was smoked salmon then two beautifully poached eggs and wait I’m not finished there was a pomegranate/pesto drizzle that was beyond description.

Obviously we had to get desert…

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