CoffeeWork and Press Review

Have you ever thought of combining coffee with art? Well at CoffeeWork and Press they combine insanely good Coffee with beautiful aesthetic surroundings. My friends and I often go there to just escape from college life and honestly any other stressful parts of our lives. Once you walk through the door you are transported to a haven, a place of refuge. This sanctuary is perfect for catching up and talking about nothing. There are attractive little knick knacks that distract you for way longer then they should. As you ascend the stairs of the coffee shop it keeps getting better. There are delicate little origami wall hangings that change shape every time I go. On the first floor there’s a record player, with an eclectic record collection to choose from. The quirks of this little shop is what makes it so different and endearing, in order for the record player to work you have to put a pencil in the centre to act as the spindle; where has the spindle disappeared to? Who knows where or how but there is a mystery there.

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