Sunday is for Brunchin’

Today put the sun in Sunday!

It was a beautiful day to walk into town and eat. 

My friend Méabh had been craving donuts for the past few days and I know where to get the best donuts in the world, like no exaggeration! I always hype it up before I take anyone there for their first time and they are never disappointed. The donuts are made by this old man who wears a beret and sings french love songs, he’s a character. Méabh thought I was making up this man because he sounded so mystical and vague, but he does exist I promise! These donuts melt in your mouth, so moist and so tasty- it should be illegal. I think he puts lemon in the batter, it was divine. 

Three o’clock comes around and it’s time for brunch! We decided on McCambrigde’s, I had gone there before for lunch so I knew it would be good. The restaurant is located upstairs and downstairs they have an artisan food shop with a little coffee kiosk, very cute. 

I ordered a Harissa Chilli, basically Harissa beans in this amazing sauce it was a little spicy but just enough. I had never had Harissa baked beans before but they are just normal beans in a sauce called Harissa- a North African Chilli paste.

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