Picnic Smiles

Picnic Time!

Spent last Sunday on the green with my good friend Alice. We had just got home from doing our shop so we had loads of ingredients to make a picnic basket with! 

For our lunch we made quesadillas, if you can call them that, they were basically an Italian take on the Tex-Mex classic. Wholegrain wheat fajita wrap with cheddar, feta and red pesto. It was delicious. 

I have tried many a time to make homemade hummus and I continue to fail, shop bought hummus is my go-to to make up for my failings as a chef, to dip in Aldi’s finest red pepper hummus I cut up some carrots and mangetouts (sugar snap-peas). 

Alongside we had a freshly made smoothie with Kale, kiwi, pineapple, spinach, mixed berries, banana, coconut and almond milk, orange juice and cacao powder. 

Alice and I bought a slice of carrot cake and an apple almond slice to go along with our cappuccinos and it was glorious! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon munching on our picnic, reading and trying our best to learn how to do a cartwheel. It’s a sign of old age, when the next day the arms are aching!

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