Just made some beautiful blondies! I found the recipe on a blog called “Jane’s Patisserie” it is so cute and has tons of easy recipes that are accessible for everyone. I’m NOT a baker I don’t have the patience to measure everything out correctly, my mind set of “sure it’ll work” does’t float when it comes to baking.

Baking is a science and an art, both subjects that I didn’t do very well in when I was in School.

Jane’s Recipe :



– 250 Unsalted Butter, softened

– 250g caster sugar

– 3 Large Eggs

– 175g Plain Flour

– 1tsp Vanilla Extract

– 250g White Chocolate Chips

– 200g Raspberries

– 1x pot Freeze Dried Raspberries


– 100g White Chocolate, melted

– Freeze Dried Raspberries


1) Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan, and grease & line a 9x9inch Square Tin – leave to the side.

2) Melt the Butter carefully in the microwave, stir till smooth. Leave to the side for now!

3) Using an electric whisk/stand mixer, whisk together the Eggs, Caster Sugar and Vanilla together for a few minutes until the colour has turned pale, is very mousse like, and is double the original volume of the amount of eggs + sugar! You will know its done because when you lift the whisk up out of the mix it should leave a trail for a couple of seconds before disappearing!

4) Whilst whisking, beat in the melted butter a little at a time, making sure each spoonful of butter is fully mixed in before adding a bit more!

5) Once mixed in, sift in the Plain Flour, and fold the mixture together. Add in the Chocolate Chips, Raspberries and freeze dried Raspberries, and fold again.

6) Pour the mixture into the tin, and bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes** or till baked through. I checked mine with a skewer and it came out clean when baked! Leave the Blondies to cool in the tin completely.

7) Drizzle over the melted chocolate, and sprinkle on the freeze dried raspberries (or some more fresh raspberries if you prefer) – leave the chocolate to set and then cut into your portions. I did 4×4 to get 16 decent sized pieces! Enjoy!

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