It’s very nice in Nice!!


Last weekend I went to visit my dear friend Mia in the South of France. Mia is there studying french and soaking up the beautiful Mediterranean sun! I arrived early on Saturday morning, Mia was working so I ventured around Nice on my own. 

I wandered around the streets in awe, it was a dreary day but it still didn’t take away from the beautiful city. 

Located at the foot of the Alps, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur this city is spectacular to wander and gaze at.

I found delightful little book shops that had vendors outside selling second hand books at outrageously affordable rates! I was very tempted to buy a book but quickly realised my french is definitely not good enough for me to be able to read a whole novel en français.

I made my way to the MAMAC, the modern art Museum in Nice. It was such a different experience, there were so many different styles of art. It made me realise that art can be found in everything and art can also be used as a medium to communicate political and social ideals. 

Once Mia got off work we ventured to Beaulieu, there we met some of Mia’s friends and danced all night to live music and drank amazing French wine!

Next morning, feeling a little worse for wear, we made our way down five flights of stairs from Mia’s apartment and across the road to the sweetest brunch cafe, Paper Plane. There are potted plants hanging from everywhere, paper aeroplanes drawn on the walls along with intricate drawings of flowers and swirly designs. Brunch was amazing for 20 Euro I got enough food to feed a small army! A savoury and a sweet plate as well as coffee and juice! The savoury plate consisted of pancakes, a chocolate chip cookie, granola and yogurt and a fresh kiwi. The granola was deliciously nutty and sweet! Definitely the highlight of the sweet plate. On the savoury plate there was a beautiful butternut squash soup, fresh french baguette, perfectly boiled egg (Nice and gooey inside, the way I love it!), ‘savoury cake’ which was basically an omelet with yummy veggies inside and to cut through all these flavours was a slice of Emmental cheese. The soup was divine! The coffee left a lot to be imagined, unfortunately Nice is notorious for not having a decent coffee shop.

To walk off our breakfast we walked to the top of Chateau Parc, the view was spectacular and the waterfall was refreshing! 

That evening we picked up a quick dinner at Pizza Cresci, I had aubergine pizza it was perfection.The crust was crispy and the tomato sauce was tangy and sweet in all the right ways! 

Day 3 and the sun has come out to play!! As soon as we popped our heads out the window and saw the beautiful rays we popped on our bikinis and made our way down to the promenade, picked up some sorbet on the way of course! Mango and Raspberry is a very good combination. 

Bought insanely good bread from the Boulangerie and some other bits for our day at the beach! In Nice there are bikes you can rent for the day, if you don’t use the same bike for more then 30 mins you don’t have to pay. Mia and I discovered we could ride the bikes from station to station within 30 mins therefore not having to pay, tricking the system! We cycled from our spot on the beach as far as we could before we ran out of steam. We stopped at a beach bar that had a beautiful terrace over-looking the beach and the mediterranean sea. I got a Mojito and was immediately refreshed! 

After spending the whole day out and about we decided to make dinner at home. Mia found this amazing recipe for Sweet Potato Falafel that worked out so well! I love anything that has to do with chick peas, hummus, falafel you name it, I’m in!

On my last day in Nice we ventured to specialises, a village 20mins away from Nice’s city centre, but first breakfast. Technically I guess you could say it was brunch time, Mia knew all the brunch spots and I found myself spoiled for choice. Eventually we decided to go to Déli Bo. We sat on the terrace and soaked up the sun, while being surrounded by plants and flowers. I got a smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, although it is a very basic dish, they took such care in making the breakfast sandwich taste outstanding.

Coffee is always a priority, Mia knows the best place in Nice to get a coffee, admittedly it is still not great coffee. I got a flat white and we shared a plate of these Queso balls,  basically a cheese filled pastry ball. They were delicious.


After being fed we hopped on a bus to Éze. The town over-looks the sea, the view from the top is spectacular and encompasses Corsica, Cannes, Antibes, St. Tropez and many others. It was such a clear day we could sea it all.


In order to see this view you must go to the Botanical Gardens that are located at the summit of Éze. The gardens were dream-like, I have never seen so many beautiful colours in one place as well as a jaw-dropping view as the backdrop.


For lunch we went to this cafe that specialises in Olive oil. We ordered a cheese plate, an assortment of the finest cheeses along with gorgeously fresh bread that could be dipped in the many types of olive oil they had to offer. There were so many types of olive oil, from lemon and ginger to lavender, you name it they had it. My favourite type was the olive oil infused with basil, it tasted almost like pesto!

My last night in Nice was spent in a tapas bar called MiVida, wow did I have a feast! We ordered 5 plates of tapas to share, to drink I got a Mango Mojito and Mia got a Raspberry Mojito (we ended up sharing those too!). The meal was composed of grilled camembert, Spanish omelet with mushrooms and cheese, grilled shrimp in a garlic and lemon sauce, scampi (Yeah, I know we ordered a lot of prawns) and ratatouille.

I don’t believe I have ever been so full and satisfied on a holiday! The food, drink, company and weather was spectacular. Highly recommend to go to Nice or at least to Éze it was the highlight for me!

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  1. What fun! Love the fotos and the great descriptions of the food!!!!!! Good stuff!

    Ken and Tank!!!!! 😉

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    On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 6:29 AM, A Penne For Your Thoughts wrote:

    > pennethoughts posted: “5 DAYS IN NICE: Last weekend I went to visit my > dear friend Mia in the South of France. Mia is there studying french and > soaking up the beautiful Mediterranean sun! I arrived early on Saturday > morning, Mia was working so I ventured around Nice on my own. ” >

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