Haleakalā Sunrise Bike Hike

Sunrise Bike Hike:

While I spent 10 days in Hawaii, my brother and I went to the top of Haleakalā one of Maui’s most famous Volcanoes for a Sunrise bike ride. The volcano is most dormant for many years the last time it erupted was over 600 years ago. To get the the summit in time for sunrise we got a bus from our hotel at the ungodly hour of 2am. 

It was so worth it, the view was spectacular! At the top it was less than 35 degrees, it was bitterly cold. The cycle began from 7,000 ft, which was 3,000ft lower than the summit. It looked like what I imagine the surface of Mars looks like, red clay ground with craters and porous rocks.

  I have never gone so fast on a bike in my life. The bike didn’t even have gears because the whole way down you were mostly breaking rather then peddling.  We had experienced riders guiding us down the Volcano but it was still intimidating riding at almost 45m/ph on a little bike!

The Hawaiian countryside reminded me a lot of Ireland, it was incredibly green! All the different landscapes we saw along the way was crazy. From the Mars looking Volcano  down towards eucalyptus forest onwards towards the green grassy fields that surround the town of Makawao. We stopped in Makawao for breakfast, this little town is where the annual Rodeo takes place in Maui and because of that it looks like a town that you would see if you were driving through the mid-west of America. 

My Brother and I got Açaí bowls that were delicious! The rest of the way down the volcano was leisurely and picturesque. The whole experience was so much fun there wasn’t really too much cycling involved it was mostly just steering and breaking.

By the end of the trip my brother and I got more aquianted with the other riders and it was overall an amazing experience.  Along the way down, we stopped by a field to take photos and we made a very cute dog friend!


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